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Slimming Conductive Body Gel

$32.99 $39.99
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Slimming Conductive Body Gel

$32.99 $39.99
Unit price  per 
For our Go-Ultra Cavitation device

Slimming Ultrasound Gel: This anti-cellulite slimming gel offers several advantages not available in ordinary conductive or Ultrasound gel. Ideal for breaking down fat in non-sensitive regions such as the hips, thighs, buttocks, and belly. It penetrates the epidermis and targets undesirable fat.
You can use this slimming gel for additional benefit. This Gel has warming properties that help speed up results when used with our device.

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ūüĒ•¬†High Demand:¬†Please¬†allow¬†5-10 business days for¬†delivery.¬†Excluding USA holidays. If out of stock we can ship from the factory.¬†¬†(GO-Ultra device not included)

How to use:

After cleaning the skin, apply a small amount to the selected area and massage it into the skin. Use a small circular motion to stimulate blood flow. This slimming gel has warming properties and can temporarily redden the skin. The warming effect is temporary and goes away after cleaning the area thoroughly. Use cool water instead of warm or hot.  Test on a small area of skin first in case of allergies. 

Size: 10 fl oz, 300 ml

Warning: This gel is not hypoallergenic and will cause warming of the area it's applied to. This is a temporary effect that will subside over time. If you suffer from sensitive skin please use sparingly and test on sensitive areas before applying larger amounts.
Not for use on the Face and Neck!