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GO-Ultra Troubleshooting Guide





This is a troubleshooting guide for the Go-Ultra.

This guide is intended to assist you in determining if your device is malfunctioning or not. This device is a professional device that has 3 functions built into one and therefore has a very specific way it operates for each mode. Please note that this device uses sound waves and not microwaves. This device will not heat up like an iron or oven.


Powering on your device:

To power on your device make sure it’s plugged into a working socket and the cable is firmly inserted in the base of the device. This is necessary for all functions of this device. If powered on successfully the Power light will glow red.


Ultrasound Test:

This is the main feature of the device and is responsible for the Fat Reduction caused by Ultrasound Cavitation. As with all 3 modes you must have the main power on before turning on this feature. This feature is meant to be used alone or with the Infrared only.

To activate, first power on the device as instructed above and then press the SONIC button. Sonic stands  for Ultrasonic. You will hear a slight hum if the Sonic mode is working. There are two power levels. The first click of the Sonic button will put your device on L for Low with another click moving it to H for High setting.

You can do a test to see that your Sonic mode is functioning. To do so turn it to the H setting for high and drop one drop of water dead center on the plate. You should see the water broken down into many small pieces as it hits the sound waves sort of like mist. This does not indicate heat... The water test will look like this is successful. 



Infrared Test:

This test is fairly simple. The infrared mode can be turned on by powering on the device with the main power button and then pressing the Infrared Button. If this mode is active there will be 4 lights on the head of the device indicating so.



EMS Test:
The EMS mode has its own settings for adjusting the modes and strength of the EMS. This mode doesn’t turn on when the Sonic mode is on and vice versa. To turn on EMS mode you need to firstly turn on the Main Power and then press the EMS button on the front of the device. This button will turn red indicating it’s working.

One of the major issues with this mode is users try to use it with the Sonic mode and it doesn’t work together as intended. The second issue is the buttons on the side. The ones on the left change the modes and the ones on the right of the device adjust the power level. The bottom settings on both of these represent the OFF position and will not give any response. You must click them 1 level upwards or more to get activation on both sides.

Once you power it on and attach the 2 EMS pads to the side of the device you can then test this function. Before using the pads make sure the side buttons are in the off position. Place the pads close together as shown in our video guide on our product page >

Please note: The pads have to be close enough together so that they can activate off of each other. They also need to be free of oil or cream as they have their own sticky residue that allows them to stick to your skin. This is just how EMS works for all similar devices as well. You can also clean them with a bit of water and allow them to air dry. Do not apply any cloth or paper to the surface or they may lose their stickiness

Additional explanation of the heating experienced from the device.

This device has infrared red which can be felt by some but not all people. That depends on your skin sensitivity as it’s a very subtle light and it heats up over time.

If you have purchased the warming gel or cream then you will also experience some warming or heating of the skin. Please don’t mistake this for the device head heating up.

This is a sound wave device similar to a sonogram device that emits sound waves and not microwaves at 1 million hertz so 1 million times per second.

If you have seen our advertisement you may have noticed a butter like substance being used to demonstrate how the fat is dissolved or melted. This material has a consistency similar to human fat and this video is sped up many times. This device is low enough power as to not cause unnecessary damage. Some Industrial devices are about 4 times the strength and are used with other technologies built in like RF which also heats the skin.