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About Go-Ultra

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GO-Ultra Specializes in Ultrasound Devices for Fat Reduction and Skin Care.

For more than 50 years, ultrasound has been used safely. Most people are unaware that it may also be used to naturally reduce fat and cellulite. 

After my wife paid over $1000 for ten Ultrasound Cavitation sessions at a local top spa. I wanted to find a way to bring this technology home for a fraction of the cost after seeing the incredible results. 

Not only does our portable, hand-held device deliver Ultrasound Cavitation, but it is also equipped with Infrared and EMS. What sets us apart is that our goods genuinely work, and we ensure that the quality of each one we offer remains excellent. We make dealing with problems as painless as possible for our clients.

At Go-Ultra, we value honesty above all else. We know how receiving something amazing can brighten up your day and that's why with over 10,000 successful deliveries, Go-Ultra is a store you can trust.

If you have any questions or comments, please shoot us an email at or try our toll free number. +1-888-777-6091

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